What are my different types of accounts?

As a Member of The Holiday Club you will have various accounts linked to your profile. This is due to certain fees being charged on behalf of other entities within The Holiday Club. In order to keep control of all these transactions, we need to keep them separated.

These accounts are as follows: 


Trust Account  – where you can pay multiple accounts with one payment

Membership and Reservation Fee Account for your annual membership and reservation fees

Purchase Account  – where you see your purchase price

Finance Account– where you see the amount that you’ve financed

iExchange Affiliation Account where you see any applicable iExchange fees 

Rental Account where you see details of your Bonus Rentals


To make life easier, you can pay multiple accounts with one payment. The trust account is the holding account for all payments and we will transfer the amounts owing to each individual account. These amounts are allocated in order of amounts outstanding the longest.

Your Trust account will start with the initial ‘T’


This account is for your annual Membership and Reservation Fees. These are charged according to your tier status and Points ownership. The Membership Fee relates to the annual levy charged by the various resorts for the inventory owned by The Holiday Club for its Members' use. The Reservation Fee covers the cost of various administrative and staff costs relating to our Reservations Call Centre.

Fees are raised annually on the first day of the month preceding your Anniversary month. 

Your Membership and Reservation account will start with the initial ‘P’


This account will reflect your purchase price, less your deposit, plus the entrance fee. The net effect of these transactions will determine your Finance Agreement amount.

Your Purchase account will start with the initial ‘Z’


The finance amount is the balance transferred from your Purchase Account. The Finance Agreement's terms range from 1 - 60 months. Each month service fees and interest are raised on the account. These amounts are included in your monthly instalment and need to be settled within 30 days of statement.

Your Finance account will start with the initial ‘C’


iExchange offers exciting exchange options both locally and internationally.  Any fees relating to using this iExchange benefit, if applicable, will be raised on this account.

Your iExchange affiliation account will start with the initials ‘RIEX’


This account will reflect any Bonus Rentals you might have booked in the past. As a Holiday Club Member you have automatic access to GUARANTEED lowest priced Bonus Rental accommodation, which allows you to pay cash for discounted holidays without using your Points.

Your Rental account will start with the initials ‘AHBR’

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