Fair Access to Holiday Inventory

All our members deserve a chance to enjoy their Holiday Club membership and all the perks that come with belonging to the best vacation club in Southern Africa. With that in mind, we would like to remind everyone that some practices infringe on other Members' enjoyment of their membership.

Renting out Points or Holidays

 An example of this is renting out Points or Holidays for profit. Not only is this contrary to your use agreement, but this also prevents another Member from potentially enjoying that holiday themselves.


Booking Limit

To be equitable for all members, at certain key properties, we limit the number of holidays booked into those particular resorts per year based on the Membership Tiers (see table below). This is to ensure that other Members receive a fair chance of booking these holidays for themselves.
This would typically, but not limited to, be at resorts marked with the "low availability" icon, for example as displayed on Cabana Beach


Please note: the limit for Select to Optimum tiers also applies to each corresponding Private Residence tier.


Bonus Rentals

Bonus Rentals allow you to pay cash for selected resorts for an additional holiday, without having to use your Points. Perhaps you’re saving your Points for a special break or want to book additional units but don’t have enough Points. Bonus Rentals is the answer to giving you more with savings at selected resorts! 

There is however an annual limit, as displayed below.

Additional Tier Limits

Certain inventory has been specifically purchased for or developed for the exclusive use of a particular tier, for example Private Residence members. 

In order to gain access to this holiday space at these key properties, please reach out to our Member Service team on 0861 THC THC (0861 842 842) or assist@theholidayclub.co.za or fill out the form here for us to connect you with our Sales team to upgrade your membership today!

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